The children at Bathampton have all had the opportunity to take part in a range of Taekwondo activities.  This sport has taught them a lot about self-discipline and control.

Theodora Rossi tells us more:

As I entered the classroom on Tuesday 17th January, I noticed ‘Taekwondo’ written on the big class whiteboard. I asked my teacher (Mr Leonardi) what ‘Taekwondo’ meant.  Mr Leonardi told me that two instructors, instructor Nick and instructor Will from Taekwondo Tigers were coming in for a taster day.

When it was class five’s turn to do the Taekwondo, I felt nervous.  I was worried I might hurt someone else.  During the session, we learnt that Taekwondo is more about control and self-defence.

In the middle of the session, we had to chop plastic boards – I felt like I was going to break my hand!

The experience taught me a lot about self-control and self-defence.

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